Rainbow Shark

Rainbow Sharks, additionally referred to as Reddish Fin Sharks or even Ruby Sharks, are actually small exotic freshwater fish belonging to Thailand.

They are actually recognized for their vibrant reddish fins and also being territorial.

If you’re aiming to add some different colors and mindset to your aquarium tank this may simply be actually the search for you.

In this post our company will certainly review how to maintain them, dietary necessities, tank mates/compatibility, breeding as well as far more.

Allow’s start along with a simple review just before our experts go on to discuss their appeal and also being compatible with various other fish.


Treatment LevelEasy/Moderate
Different Colors FormGray, Red
Life-span5 -8 Years
SizeUp to 6
Diet regimenOmnivore
Minimum Tank Size50 Gallons
Container Set-UpTropical Freshwater: Caves, stones or plants
Being compatibleModerate. Get along with lots of various other freshwater fish varieties


Overview of Rainbow Shark


The Rainbow Shark is an exotic freshwater cyprinid that is quite tough to maintain. It will be suitable for fish keepers who possess a few years of experience as well as are actually seeking to extend their aquarium tank.

They are recognized for their areal attribute as well as brilliant vibrant reddish fins.

Originating from the hot streams of Southeast Asia, they were actually given the loving popular label of Rainbow Shark, because of their upright dorsal fin which gives them the appearance of a shark.

You need to assume your Rainbow Shark to grow to 6 inches in duration and also have a life-span of 5-8 years.

In relations to cost you need to be actually hoping to spend no greater than $3 per fish, and also they are easily accessible all the time.

, if you perform want to maintain Rainbow Sharks you ought to create certain your aquarium possesses a lot of hiding places for them as this helps to reduce their areal habits.

Rainbow Sharks’ Appearance

beautiful rainbow shark

The Rainbow Shark is a dark grey fish along with lively red/orange fins.

They have a long, flat belly with an ethical dorsal and a pointed snout fin. It’s this fin which provides the appearance of a shark.

When entirely matured, the Rainbow Shark is actually a little fish which you ought to anticipate to develop up to around 6 ins.

It is actually not possible to recognize their gender whilst they are actually youths. You need to stand by until they are sexually grown.

Once sexually grew girls will definitely have thicker body systems, as well as males will definitely build little pipes on the rear fin. Whilst men will certainly be thinner, they will typically have brighter pigmentations.

A typical selection of the Rainbow Shark is actually the Albino Rainbow Shark.

Whilst the Albino Rainbow Shark keeps the red/orange fins, its own body is actually white colored. It will certainly grow to an identical measurements as a standard Rainbow Shark and matches several of their attributes including being territorial.

Traditional Behavior


The Rainbow Shark is actually a territorial fish which may result in particular personality issues like hostility as well as prominence.

This typically takes place as they develop. As juveniles they are actually shy and will certainly invest huge durations of their opportunity hiding.

They are active swimmers and often tend to spend many of their time dwelling at the end of the container. Because of them being actually bottom-dwellers, they are actually called fish tank cleaners as they are going to consume the algae expanding on the bottom of the tank.

You should see to it your aquarium tank is long and possesses plenty of room for your Rainbow Shark to go for a swim on the exact same degree.

Whilst they are calm along with fish that dwell in higher water, they are recognized for battling with base dwelling fish, featuring their own kind.

Such actions can easily consist of attacking, going after and also head-and-tail butting.

You can attempt to reduce this actions through guaranteeing they are placed in a big fish tank, along with a reduced fish to water proportion. You must likewise ensure they have great deals of concealing areas, such as caverns, passages and other hollowed décor.

Eventually, whilst they may not be renowned for leaping, it isn’t unusual. For this reason you ought to see to it your top is properly matched to prevent them jumping out of your aquarium tank. When they are actually very first placed in the aquarium, jumping normally takes place.

Environment and Tank Requirements


As pointed out in the review part, Rainbow Sharks are tropical freshwater fish that stem from Thailand.

They are active swimmers thus adults need to not be kept in fish tanks smaller sized than 50 gallons. The aquarium ought to also possess a lot of straight room. If the fish tank is as well short in duration it will motivate all of them to end up being more territorial and hostile.

If you consider maintaining various Rainbow Sharks after that you must use a minimum of a 6 foot long, 125 quart container (having said that our experts do not recommend keeping greater than one Rainbow Shark per aquarium; even more on this later).

Due to the Rainbow Shark’s territorial nature, you must ensure your aquarium tank possesses considerable amounts of hiding spots for them. Assume caves, handled driftwood and rocks.

Heavy plants and plants likewise function. Vegetations could be used to maintain all of them distracted so it is going to reduce conflict as well as likewise help protect against algae.

As for substratum, they are better fit to sand, as this is what is actually located in their native Thai streams. Given that the pointy advantages may cut them, be careful if you aim to utilize crushed rock. , if you carry out make a decision to make use of rocks produce certain it’s very great.

Eventually, you ought to see to it your aquarium tank top is matched effectively, they are actually can easily jump!

Tank Conditions


You ought to keep it within the follow parameters: 75 ° F to 81 ° F, pH degree 6.5-7.5 and a water hardness of 5 to 11 DH.

Along With Rainbow Sharks you need to have to maintain the pH degree stable. Sudden changes in the pH degree can easily trigger all of them to become extra vigorous than common.

Lighting ought to be maintained a medium amount, as well as the water motion need to be medium.

Being compatible and also Tankmates

Let me beginning this part through saying if you are trying to find a calm area fish, the Rainbow Shark may certainly not be actually the angle for you.

Whilst they will agree several various other freshwater fish species, they are incredibly territorial and also this can be overwhelming for even more shy types, like Marbled hatchet fish and Otocinclus catfish.

As pointed out in the fish tank and also environment part over, they just like to seize a region of the aquarium; typically the little caves as well as rocks.

Our experts pity any fish that stumbles upon a Rainbow Shark’s region! They will be remarkably aggressive and also go after the trespassers away.

Because of their hostility, you require to be mindful when picking storage tank mates.

As an overall regulation they aren’t vigorous towards types that don’t look like Rainbow Sharks. As the Rainbow Shark dwells at the bottom of the fish tank, stay away from other bottom-dwelling fish like cichlids as well as catfish. You need to additionally prevent any kind of identical looking fish, i.e. Red Tail Sharks as well as Bala Sharks.

When identifying vat mates, seek those fish that dwell in the center and also upper amounts of the aquarium.

You additionally desire to pick fish that can easily shield on their own and have a calm however powerful individuality. Types including :

  • Gouramis
  • Barbs
  • Danios
  • and also Rainbowfish are actually all appropriate along with Rainbow Sharks.

A little bit of being compatible technique you may utilize is: help make sure the Rainbow Shark is actually the final fish positioned in your aquarium. This will certainly avoid it attempting to claim the whole entire aquarium tank as its personal and also needs to reduce territory complications.

They are energetic swimmers therefore grownups should certainly not be maintained in fish tanks much smaller than 50 quarts. The aquarium must likewise have lots of straight room. If the aquarium tank is actually too brief in length it will definitely promote them to end up being more areal and also aggressive.

As the Rainbow Shark dwells at the bottom of the aquarium tank, steer clear of other bottom-dwelling fish such as cichlids and also catfish. You need to additionally prevent any sort of identical appearing fish, i.e. Red Tail Sharks and Bala Sharks.

Always Keeping Rainbow Sharks along with other Rainbow Shark


As a basic policy it’s advised that you merely keep one Rainbow Shark in an aquarium tank at any moment. Red Tail Sharks ought to additionally be actually included in this guideline.

Like the Royal Gramma, Rainbow Sharks will definitely certainly not allow dealing with its very own kind.

In the wild they commonly lead a solitary lifestyle as well as are incredibly areal. In an ordinary aquarium there certainly only isn’t adequate room and the much larger Rainbow Shark will definitely chase after the smaller sized Rainbow Sharks non-stop up until it eliminates them.

This territorial attributes creates along with age, so if you acquire pair of juvenile Rainbow Sharks they might extremely well start getting on, yet their connection will certainly decrease rapidly as they develop.

If you emphasize maintaining more than one Rainbow Shark observe these rules:

You should always keep a team of all of them (5 or even more). Through this the dominant Rainbow Shark possesses several fish to chase.

Never ever keep simply two Rainbow Sharks, if you want to offer additional than one Rainbow Shark bring in certain each has at the very least a gauge of split up region.

Diet and also Feeding Requirements


As stated during the review, Rainbow Sharks are Omnivores which indicates they consume both plants as well as chicken.

In bush they usually eat rotting plants, algae, insect larvae as well as tiny chunks of chicken they locate in the river including Zooplankton.

They aren’t fussy eaters and also are going to eat very most things; giving it drains to the bottom of the storage tank!

If you prepare to keep Rainbow Sharks in fish tanks, this is actually good information. They are going to consume scab food items, frozen food, pellets, veggies as well as live meals without any complaints.

You need to target to maintain their diet plan varied and also feed all of them a selection of food resources, comparable to what they would consume in bush. : algae (tablets or even wafers), insect larvae, crustaceans (real-time or frozen) and also zooplankton. To maintain their diet differed you can likewise deliver all of them loads of veggies like spinach, lettuce, peas and also zucchini; this will maintain their body immune system solid.

If you would like to ensure their red/orange color is actually a lively color, normal meals of online as well as frozen meat product must be actually provided them; frosted bloodworms and also brine shrimp will be great.

This is even more crucial for juvenile Rainbow Sharks. Create certain their diet regimen is assorted and never extremely limited if you want your youths to grow big with dynamic different colors. Lack of variant can trigger stunted growth and poor different colors phrase.

When it comes to their supplying routine, you should strive to disperse their food items out over 2-3 treatments a time. The total span of feeding opportunity ought to be around 5 moments.

If food items is left behind after this opportunity, you are feeding all of them too much as well as it will definitely affect your nitrogen cycle.

Rainbow Shark Breeding


In bush, Rainbow Shark’s often tend to procreate during October to November, which is actually when they likewise reach their sexual maturation. The particular month can easily be influenced through changing times, as well as relies on the duration of the time as well as temperature.

Take note: You can assume that if the fish is less than 4 inches in size, they may not be intimately fully grown yet.

Rainbow Sharks reproduce via egg setting. The female is going to set eggs as well as the male will definitely then fertilize all of them through squirting the eggs along with his milt. Hence the eggs are going to hatch within the week.

However, reproducing Rainbow Sharks in an aquarium tank is actually remarkably demanding and we are actually yet to hear of any type of effectiveness accounts.

Once again, this is actually more than most likely as a result of their territorial and also threatening mother nature in confined settings.

The majority of Rainbow Sharks you find offered for purchase will be actually reproduced in commercial ranches based in Southeast Asia.


Is Actually the Rainbow Shark Right For Your Aquarium?

The Rainbow Shark will bring in a terrific add-on to your area offering they may not be kept with the very same, or identical appearing fish.

Whilst they are actually understood for being territorial, offering you provide a suited aquarium tank atmosphere and match all of them with the proper tank mate( s), you shouldn’t possess a lot of problems along with them.

They are actually an active swimmer and a lovely fish, therefore will definitely provide you along with satisfaction when watching them in an aquarium tank.

They are actually good eaters as well as will definitely consume an assortment of meals kinds including pellets, scabs as well as frozen pork.

If you are actually preparing to keep Rainbow Sharks, you must additionally be sure that you’ve received some fishkeeping knowledge presently, as these fish typically aren’t for newbies.

You must strive to maintain their diet varied as well as supply all of them a wide array of meals sources, identical to what they would eat in the untamed. To keep their diet plan differed you can additionally provide them lots of veggies such as green spinach, lettuce, zucchini as well as peas; this are going to keep their immune unit sturdy.

This is actually even a lot more significant for juvenile Rainbow Sharks. If you want your youths to increase huge with lively shades, make sure their diet is diverse and certainly never very limited. Rainbow Sharks recreate through egg laying.

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